Rolfing® is a wholistic approach to manual therapy that seeks to improve your health and function by reestablishing the natural alignment and structural integration of the human body.  A Rolf series is normally done over the course of 10 sessions which are systematically designed to reorganize your body.  Each session covers different areas of the body while focusing on your individual needs.  

What is the ten series?

The ten series is a systematic way of addressing the entire body. Each Rolfing session works different areas with different objectives in mind. Ten sessions allows enough time to devote appropriate time to specific areas and issues that are common structural challenges and to customize work that is meaningful to your unique body and lifestyle. 

Do I have to commit to 10 sessions?

Not at all. Come in for one session and see how you respond to the work. Most people see results by session 3 and this is a natural place to evaluate whether you would like to continue. If you do decide to proceed, it works best to complete the rest of the series within 6 months.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Rolfing® session look like?

A Rolfing® session is typically 60-75 minutes. It starts with an evaluation of the client and moves to hands on work on the table. Unlike massage, the client participates in the therapy. Every session includes neck and back work , addresses specific areas of the body, and concludes with education for daily life.

What do I wear?

Women wear a normal bra and panties. Men wear boxer briefs. Cotton is preferred.


Does it hurt?

The sensations you will feel will be similar to a strong stretch. Work will be done to reach a level of change within the client respecting the boundaries of his nervous system. The work will always proceed at the clients pace with nothing ever forced. Sensations can vary from a pleasurable release to discomfort. Any discomfort on the table is worth the trade to alleviate chronic pain or increased function in daily life.


Pam training at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO.  


Changes: Picture 1 is before the first session and picture 10 is after the 10th Rolfing® session. Notice how much more freely the arms hang from the shoulders. Look at how much more space was created from the ears to the shoulders. The right knee is not nearly as rotated inward.



  • "Since receiving the 10 series from Pam I've never felt as embodied as I do today.  The work continues to unravel things in me and helps to improve my level of appreciation for my physical and mental well being." Noel L.

  • "The results I got from Rolfing® with Pam were remarkable. I noticed improvement in my range of motion, and in my posture which had both suffered leading up to a partial knee replacement. Rolfing® also reduced my pain and improved the alignment of my spine, for better than I had been able to see through chiropractic or massage alone. Pam is a highly skilled professional, who has greatly improved the quality of my health and life." John H.

  • "Since  receiving 7 sessions of Rolfing®, my body feels younger and much more stable. I have fewer body aches and pains." Leah B.


Pam H. Reaves


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Rolfing: Structural Integration®

Certified Rolfer™, LMT #4657

Rolfing® has been known to help in the following ways:

  • Reduce chronic pain​ in shoulders, hips, knees, elbows, neck, low back, etc. 

  • Improve posture and mobility

  • Improve athletic perfromance

  • Reduce instances of migraines​

  • Address TMJ dysfunction

  • Reduce carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Reduce insomnia

  • Increase stamina

A native of the eastern shore, Pam, has always been an active person. Whether it's running, yoga, barre, or boot camp, she is always moving. In 2000, a horseback riding accident left her in pain and long-term physical limitation for the first time in her life. Experiencing Rolfing® she was able to walk without pelvic pain and knew she had stumbled onto the answer she had been looking for. Inspired by her personal experience with this unique bodywork, she dedicated herself to becoming a certified Rolfing® practitioner. Being able to train at the original school of structural integration in Boulder , CO afforded not only highly skilled training but life experience. Rolfing® is Pam's way of transforming lives through the power of touch.

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Changes: The vertical line is much improved with the head more centered over the body. The line between the head, shoulders, hips, and knees is more plumb.

Changes: Client does not have to hold himself in a former postural pattern. The arms hang loosely on either side of the body and the fascia and muscles of the back are smooth and supple .